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  • Predisposition and installation

    Predisposition for new bathrooms

    Predispose a F 1/2 cold water point about 50/70cm from the floor and 10/15cm from the outer part of the toilet bowl. Before arranging the water point, predispose a safety valve, not connected to other bathroom utilities, that can stop the flow if necessary. The water point must be adequately far from the wall corners or from the outer part of the sanitary ware to facilitate the installation.




    Installation in pre-existent BE AUTOMATIC bathrooms

    Mount the water outlet fixing ring on the wall with expansion screws. Mount the water outlet on it and fix it with the grain screw supplied. Connect the flexible hose between the chosen water point (for instance, the bidet cold water input) and the M.5 water input nearest to the wall.




    5 Orion Jet BE Automatic


    Installation in pre-existent BE bathrooms

    Install the three-way valve with faucet on the chosen cold water point and link it to the Idroscopino® with the hose. The system is now operative at its best. Set the Idroscopino® wall support with the expansion screws that you can find in the package.






    Orion Jet BE J4200

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