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    The  Idroscopino®

    The Idroscopino® designed by ARVAG has completely revolutionized the idea of bathroom hygiene. This small high-tech device is an innovative product that allows you to get the perfect toilet hygiene thanks to the concentrated water jet of the exclusive Dynamic Jet, a special and specifically developed nozzle. This is a hydraulic device with a laser jet ensuring the perfect cleaning of toilets, both over and below the water surface, even in the usual hard-to-reach corners, without the need of traditional toilet brushes.

    The Idroscopino® requires a simple installation: for newly-built bathrooms, it is enough to create a F 1/2 cold water point, about 50/70 cm from the floor and 15cm from the outer part of the toilet bowl, on which to install the water connection chosen among the wide range offered (with manual or automatic closing); for existing bathrooms you can use the nearest water point using a three-way faucet.

    ARVAG Idroscopino® can fit into different contexts, according to the latest designing trends, thanks to various models that meet all the possible aesthetic and technical needs.

    The shower, polished or with satin finish, can be activated by a lever, a button or a rotating system. It can have a classic, round or square shape. The water outlet can be closed manually or automatically.

    The INCASSO and INBOX elegant models are a very exclusive offer designed for the most prestigious environments.


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